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Welcome to the Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ Modality

The Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ (EMK) Modality, founded by Denise Robinson from By The Bay Kinesiology® in 2018, is one of the fastest growing heart-centred, remedy based kinesiology and natural healing modalities in Australia and around the world. The EMK Modality is fully accredited, certified and recognised with the international professional industry body, the ‘International Institute for Complementary Therapists’ (IICT) as a recognised Premier Training Provider under ‘Specialised Kinesiology’.

Our powerful healing modality encompasses in-person and online Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology Courses plus online Training Programs, Kinesiology Masterclasses, Workshops and Mentoring for Kinesiology students and practitioners worldwide.

Becoming a qualified and certified Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ Practitioner can be achieved in under 10 months with our unique, comprehensive and streamlined Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology Study Pathway created to accommodate anyone, anywhere.

Our incredible EMK Instructors are located throughout Australia and around the world to teach our profound and transformative Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology courses.

Find an Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology course near you or online, and embark on your journey of self-discovery through EMK today.


Learn Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™
and transform your life.

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Find out more about our unique EMK courses that make up our powerful EMK Modality and become a qualified and certified EMK Practitioner.

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Find a qualified and Certified Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ Instructor in your area and start your journey to becoming a Certified EMK Practitioner.

EMK Practitioners

Find a qualified and Certified Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ Practitioner in your area to clear stress and experience the power of this life changing healing modality.


Why EMK is so popular

Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ (EMK) is a unique remedy based health modality that ultimately supports the process to clear stress, fear, trauma and pain from the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. It uses muscle reflex testing to tap into the subconscious mind to clear negative patterns, limiting beliefs, sabotage programs or any mental/emotional stress.

The EMK Modality is a heart-centred, yin-focused, remedy-based Kinesiology modality working with the Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophies (Eastern Medicine) with a strong emphasis and focus on energetics, emotions and the metaphysical energy and connections within the body. This emotional connection is what differentiates EMK from other kinesiology modalities that are focused solely on the physical structure of the body with a heavy lean to the yang western medicine format.


Frances EMK Practitioner, VIC

I felt the Practitioner program really establishes a complete circle of understanding and expansion in becoming a kinesiologist together with having extra knowledge regarding starting a kinesiology practice/business. I loved learning all the extra tools and modes also. It was so much fun and enjoyed all of it.

James EMK Practitioner, Ireland

This has been an amazing journey and this is only the beginning. This modality is one of wholeness of mind, body, spirit. It will change your life and the life of so many others.... Go for it!

Kaylah EMK Practitioner, SA

The way the courses are delivered really complements my learning style and makes it easy to be successful. Denise has loads of knowledge and structures the Practitioner course beautifully. The EMK community is especially supportive and I've created some amazing friendships and job opportunities within the community.

Bree EMK Practitioner, New Zealand

I have had the most amazing time learning EMK, i have felt supported in every new learning and any questions i needed to ask. It has really helped me grow as a person to then ignite the flame more to start up my own clinic. I am so excited for my future as an EMK Practitioner

Courtney EMK Practitioner & Instructor, SA

If you want to be nurtured and supported the whole way while learning the most incredible way to work with the body this would be the course I would recommend! Coming from a background in kinesiology before starting this course to now finishing the course I wish I had found Denise’s EMK first because it’s exceeded anything I had previously learnt in the past! And for anyone thinking of stepping into this modality I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Linda EMK Practitioner & Instructor, WA

Doing this program gave me so much more than I expected, I knew it would be good for me, my growth on a business and personal level, but looking back, I got so much more than I expected. It has been a highlight of 2022 for sure.

Donna EMK Practitioner, VIC

Denise is such an amazing lady, I love the program she has put together. You can tell when working with Denise that this is her passion, she is very down to earth, approachable and supportive through the whole program. I wish her all the best life has to offer xx

Jacinta EMK Practitioner, NSW

Denise is incredibly knowledgeable, encouraging and open-minded. Not only do you learn the different EMK Modalities, Denise takes it one step further with tools and techniques as to how you can ensure your success going forward. If you are the slightest bit curious about EMK I invite you to just do it! Infinite Love & Gratitude Denise!

Ash EMK Practitioner, VIC

Kineasy Intro Course felt like my soul took a deep exhale and found its place in the world. I am so excited to learn more! 

Stephanie EMK Practitioner, VIC

The practitioner training program with Denise was so wonderful. It brought together all of the learnings and delved deep into so much additional information and tools that make the whole modality layered and rich. Denise is a charismatic teacher who you really want to learn from, I'm very grateful, thank you!

Jessica EMK Practitioner, SA

Thank you so much Denise for creating and sharing this incredible modality, in such an accessible way. I am forever grateful to have had this opportunity, and to be able to add this to my 'toolkit' as another way that I can deeply connect with people, and support them to clear stresses, physical ailments, and layers, to allow them to be their most authentic self. Such a gift!

Candice EMK Practitioner, VIC

From the bottom of my heart I want to thankyou Denise for being a wonderful teacher. Its all just been a wonderful space of growth, connection, inspiration and support and I am so excited to open up my very own kinesiology space supporting others the way you've supported me. Thankyou xx

Simone EMK Practitioner, VIC

Denise is an amazing instructor. She fantastic as what she does! Her passion & enthusiasm for what she teaches is inspiring & infectious. Her delivery is incredible & I love how much she loves to share her wealth of knowledge.

Carol EMK Practitioner, Ireland

I studied the EMK modality with Emma Henry and the founder of EMK, Denise Robinson over the past 2 years. I really enjoyed learning all the protocols and new healing techniques. The level of healing that can be achieved by each session or balance was beyond my wildest dreams. I can now incorporate all the healing modalities I've learned over the last 30 years in one session.

Laura EMK Practitioner, VIC

Thank you Denise I loved every minute of studying the EMK Practitioner Certification with you. It tied in everything we learnt throughout the year as well as providing us with practical information on how to set up a business, market ourselves and what's involved in the day to day running of a clinic.

Deborah EMK Practitioner, SA

Denise has created a smooth and efficient educational EMK course. It is informative, expansive and solidifying. Denise generously shares the depth of her knowledge and experience, encouraging her students to go further in their thinking and ways of connecting. It has prepared me to feel ready to start my own practise as a kinesiologist.

Cassie EMK Practitioner, VIC

Loved the prac program. It is jam packed full of information in all areas of kinesiology and running a business so you are ready to launch a successful kinesiology practice once qualified.

Thien EMK Practitioner, VIC

I've studied other kinesiology courses but never felt confident about what I was taught. EMK actually teaches from a beginner's perspective and in a clear and logical manner that actually gives me confidence that I can be a successful kinesiologist.

Jessica EMK Practitioner, QLD

I have absolutely adored studying the EMK modality. For me it was the big puzzle that brought so many things together for me. I felt so held and have grown in so many ways during this process. Would highly recommend to anyone who is wanting to become a kinesiologist.

Niki EMK Practitioner, SA

I am incredibly grateful for my experience with this program and the amazing individuals, Denise and Sophia, who made it truly transformative. Denise's guidance was invaluable; she not only shared her knowledge but also empowered me, instilling the confidence I needed to believe in myself as a practitioner. Her encouragement and support were instrumental in my personal and professional growth.


Denise Robinson

Denise is the Owner and Director of By The Bay Kinesiology® and is one of Australia’s leading Kinesiologists and accredited Kinesiology course training providers, with 18 years experience, based in Melbourne, Australia and the founder of the Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ (EMK) Modality.

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Find an Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ Instructor and course in your area.

Complete our ‘Kineasy’ introductory beginner foundation course and be eligible to enrol in the entire EMK study pathway.

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