Animal Kingdom Kinesiology

This powerful online Animal Kingdom Kinesiology Workshop is created for those that want to learn to muscle test and balance their favourite animal friends. In this 4 hour online Animal Kingdom Kinesiology Workshop, you will learn everything you need to know to muscle test, balance and run Kinesiology sessions on your animals.

This online Animal Kingdom Kinesiology Workshop is tailored for those that want to tune into all types of animals, better understand their emotions, tap into the cause of their disharmony whether physical symptoms, emotional stressors or behavioural problems and be able to easily and effortlessly restore the energetic balance of their animal friends whilst also restoring the bond between the animal and their owner so it is stronger than ever.

In this Kinesiology Workshop, you will learn:

  • How to surrogate the energy of the animal onto yourself for muscle testing purposes

  • How to test and identify the emotions online of the animal you are balancing and the metaphysical connections to their emotional or physical presented stress

  • How to determine if the animal owner’s emotional balance is affecting the animal – mirror effect (ie. the animal is surrogating for its owner) and remedies to clear surrogation

  • How to test and identify any life lessons the animal is here to teach the owner

  • How to easily test and identify imbalances in the animals Elements, Meridians, Chakras and Auras (if you know these)

  • How to use powerful acupressure points on your animal to bring balance including specific body and feet acupressure points which can be used as a diagnosis or therapeutic treatment

  • How to use beautiful natural healing remedies such as Essential Oils, Crystals, Flower Essences, Sound Therapy, Colour Therapy, Spirals, Figure 8's and so much on animals to release stress and bring balance for the animal and the owner

  • How to test the best diet for your animal including finding food intolerances or stressors, making diet adjustments and how to test for tissue salts

  • How to test for lifestyle, routine or environmental adjustments required in both the animal and its owner

Online Kinesiology Workshop information:

Workshop duration:
4 hours

Association Accreditation Hours/CPE:
Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) – 4 hours Category “D” (only if LIVE online)

Practicing Kinesiology Practitioner

$400 inc. GST (includes electronic PDF Training Manual)

Denise Robinson from By The Bay Kinesiology

Enrolment process:
To enrol in this Online Kinesiology Masterclass, click the button below where you will be redirected to By The Bay Kinesiology’s website for details, dates and enrolment information