Aura Balancing Kinesiology

This advanced, two day, enlightening and captivating course provides complete knowledge of the 7 aura layers – Etheric Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body, Astral Body, Etheric Template, Celestial Body and Ketheric Template.

This unique, new and fascinating spiritual aura course delves into interpreting and understanding all the beautiful seven aura layers of our light bodies.  Discover how to read and understand auras on a deep profound level and the external energies that interact and disturb its energy flow. Allow yourself to tune into the light and energy surrounding your physical being and clearly understand all its layers and how these relate to your health, relationships and life experiences.

Aura Balancing Kinesiology allows you to tap into the world around you and decide who or what you would like to penetrate your auras gorgeous energy field.



♥ You will learn all about each auras location, aura span, colour, appearance, related chakra, expression and statement of consciousness, purpose, connection, type of energy, element, attributes, qualities and emotions and how our auras effect everything in our life.

♥ You will learn what energies are effecting your aura as well as some powerful cleansing techniques, remedies and healing tools to uplift and regenerate your energy field including aura-soma colour infused oils, crystals, crystal gridding, colour, essential oils, affirmations, sound, runes, spirit message, palo santo, sage smudging, incense, orgonite, water infusion/cleanse, sacred geometry, figure 8 energy, spiral energy, rain water, salt water, EMF’s, Feng Shui and so much more.

♥ Connect to your light body and delve into the depths of each individual aura and gain a deeper insight of the related shapes and symbols including animal totems, black shields, orbs, sacred symbols, spirit guides and so much more as well as the colour and meaning of your own aura plus unique restorative remedies to allow you to radiate your best light energy into the world.

♥ Learn practical easy to use tools and techniques to understand and integrate all the energies of the Auras through the use of beautiful healing remedies and spiritual cleansing tools so your aura is clear, strong, vital and glowing with spectacular coloured light.

♥ Watch and experience your Instructor connecting and demonstrating an Aura Balancing Kinesiology session so you can witness the full process first hand.

♥ On day two, enjoying bringing all the components of this powerful aura strengthening course together and get to play with lots of new healing remedies.

♥ At the conclusion of day 2, you will feel stronger in your aura and confident in balancing someone’s aura, plus understand so much more about why it is important to protect your aura.

aura balancing

Remedies you will learn in this course

What you will learn / course content

  • The location, aura span, aura testing position, colour and described as, aura appearance, related chakra, expression of consciousness, statement of consciousness, purpose, connection, yin or yang, prominent aura development ages, element, sound and attributes of the 7 Aura layers - Etheric Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body, Astral Body, Etheric Template, Celestial Body, Ketheric Template.

  • The qualities and emotions of each aura

  • Emotional indications of a balanced and imbalanced aura

  • Willingness, Connection Points, Universe Connection, Negative Energy Fields, Negative Attachments, Entities, Surrogacy and Goal Setting.

  • How to test for an Aura Colour and what these colours mean

  • Aura Shapes & Symbols - animal totems, black ring, black shield, black spots, cracks, jagged lines, lightning bolts, orbs, pulsing waves, sacred symbols, silver sparkles, spirit guides, spongy holes

  • What auras are and how to identify when an aura is out of balance through muscle reflex testing and why the aura is imbalanced including specific wording to enable awareness for the client plus using age recessing and area of involvement

  • Full step by step balancing procedure for Aura Balancing Kinesiology including an easy to follow session template to use on clients or yourself

Course Details, Accreditation & Assessment Information

A clear, detailed, comprehensive and easy to use step-by-step 120+ page colour training manual with Aura Balancing Protocol and Session Sheet Template.

Attendance: 16 hours

This course can be facilitated as either two full days or three school hour days depending on your EMK Instructor’s dates.

Course Hours:
16 hours – Face-to-face classroom hours
15 hours – Out of class time which includes a multiple choice and short answer assessment and 6 x case studies 
Total Course Proficiency Hours = 31 hours


AUD$800.00 inc. GST for courses run within Australia.

Equivalent pricing (excluding GST) in other countries. Please refer to your local EMK Instructor for the course price in your area.

Course Prerequisite:

Kineasy Intro Course

Chakra Healing Kinesiology

This Aura Balancing Kinesiology course is a prerequisite course for the following advanced courses:

• Final EMK Certification

Competency Requirements and Outcomes:

Students will be required to demonstrate competency in oral, practical, multiple choice and short answer assessments with a 75% pass mark. Six Aura case studies must be completed post course to obtain proficiency. A Certificate of Attendance will be issued via email for 16 hours after completion of class hours. Once competency requirements have been met a Certificate of Proficiency will be issued via email for 31 hours.

Accreditation Hours:
By The Bay Kinesiology® – 31 hours

Please note: The Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ Modality Practitioner Certification is independent, Trademarked and Copyright to By The Bay Kinesiology®.

The FULL EMK pathway, comprising of 278 hours (refer details here), must be completed to become a Certified Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ Practitioner.

The EMK Modality is fully accredited, certified and recognised with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) as a recognised Premier Training Provider under ‘Specialised Kinesiology’. Once the full EMK Pathway is completed and you have been certified as an Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ Practitioner, you will be eligible to become a member with the IICT and obtain insurance.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours:
16 hours attendance / 31 hours proficiency

Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) – 26 hours Category “B”

Australian Institute of Kinesiologists (AIK) – 26 hours

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