Acupressure Points, Tools, Moxa
& 8 Extra Meridians

During this two hour online Kinesiology ‘Acupressure Points, Tools, Moxa and 8 Extra Meridians’ Masterclass you will discover how to shift and move energy through the body using potent acupressure methods, tools and our unique Eight Extra Meridians protocol.

The eight extraordinary meridians, also known as the “8 extras,” run deep within our bodies, nourishing the 14 regular meridians with vital chi and blood, thus supporting our genetic heritage. These meridians are revered for their exceptional nature, serving as a reservoir of balance from childhood, offering a profound sense of liberation. They are our root and foundation of life, intimately connected to the kidneys, acting as reservoirs to absorb surplus chi, akin to how reservoirs manage excess water during heavy rainfall.

In this Kinesiology Masterclass, you will learn:

  • Acupressure Points balancing procedure

  • Different types of Acupressure Points, their uses plus practical application: Yuan Source Points, Luo Connecting Points, Jing Well Points, Accumulation Points, Association Points, Tonification Points, Sedation Points, Element Points, Influential Points and Master Points

  • Specific symptoms and recommended acupressure points for healing

  • Numerous powerful and unique acupressure tools for body balancing

  • The essence of Shamanic Healing Wands and their application in balancing acupressure points and meridians

  • The safe and effective utilisation of Moxibustion and Warming Tools for achieving bodily balance and healing.

  • The various applications of Press Pellets, Ear Seeds and Press Tacks in holistic healing practices.

  • A comprehensive examination of the eight extraordinary meridians, exploring their intricate connections within the physical body. Insights into Master and Coupled Points, their respective roles, Yin/Yang dynamics, functions, and practical applications. Discover and see first hand our specialised balancing protocol, integrating the therapeutic benefits of essential oils to harmonise the flow within the eight extraordinary meridians with our demonstration video

Kinesiology Masterclass information:

Masterclass duration:
2 hours

Association Accreditation Hours/CPE:
Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) – 2 hours Category “D” (only if LIVE online)

Practicing Kinesiology Practitioner

$250 inc. GST (includes electronic PDF Training Manual)

Denise Robinson from By The Bay Kinesiology®

Enrolment process:
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