03 Aug

Chakra Healing Kinesiology

Hosted by: Lisa Carr


Dates: 20-21 July 2024 | Investment: $800 | The Chakra’s are spinning wheels, or vortexes, that run through the centre of our body. In this light filled course, we learn all about the main 7 chakras, related minor chakras, & their basic functions, energies and purpose. We explore the Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crow Chakras. We dive into how each chakra relates to specific glands, crystals, colours, foods, emotions, colours, aura soma, light torches, colour glasses and so much more. Working with the Chakra energy system in Kinesiology is a powerful way to bring balance and equilibrium to our clients and selves. There is so much information recorded about the chakras and they are truely magical to work with! Master the chakra fields to unlock health, happiness, success and alignment to your life path. Tap into potential, psychic ability and clear away blockages using beautiful vibrational healing tools and remedies. This course offers you a unique way to balance and heal chakras in a variety of ways to keep your beautiful energy flowing and in alignment throughout your life. Enjoy balancing and restoring good health to the body, relieving stress and anxiety, empowering yourself and others, revitalising the physical body and bringing about the development and awareness of mental, emotional and spiritual balance. | Click ‘Get Tickets’ to find out more on my website.


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Lisa Carr


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Saturday, August 03, 2024
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