09 Aug

Transpersonal Chakra Kinesiology 9-10 August 2025

Hosted by: Rebecca Shute-Lynas


Transpersonal Chakra Kinesiology 9-10 August 2025 Transpersonal Chakra Kinesiology is a unique and eye opening spiritual Chakra course. Over two days, you will explore the Transpersonal Chakras that hold powerful keys to understanding life, spirit and the universe and a deep acknowledgement of where you are on the life path and purpose. Balancing these chakras brings lessons, genetic history and karmic patterns to the surface while activating soul acceptance, enlightenment, awareness, connection, unity and your spiritual truth and purpose.. These extraordinary chakras connect you from the deepest roots and core of the Earth and your genetics, DNA and ancestors through to your Soul energy, blueprint, universal connection and the highest Divine source possible. We will explore in detail the six Transpersonal Chakras – Earth Star, Causal, Soul Star, Stellar Gateway, Universal and Divine Gateway. Learn practical easy to use tools and techniques to understand and integrate all the facets of the Transpersonal Chakras through the use of crystals, essential oils, affirmations, sound, colour, figure 8’s, spiral energy, spiritual practices, Nature’s Healing Chi and so much more!

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Saturday, August 09, 2025
9:00 AM
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Sunday, August 10, 2025
5:30 PM
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