Allene Gibson

Body Wisdom Kinesiology

After over a decade of practicing & teaching a variety of Kinesiology modalities, i easily recognised the immense power of Emotions & Metaphysical Kinesiology in facilitating a deeper healing journey for both myself and my clients, it has been an honour to bring this modality to the New Zealand community.

As an Instructor and Kinesiology Practitioner I am passionate about empowering individuals to tap into their own body wisdom for energy awareness and personal growth, i knew body mind communication was vital in health but to bring in the innate healing abilities of our energy body and the understanding of emotions is the  magic. Reconnecting yourself to this powerful body wisdom is transformational.

A step mother to three girls and one more girl of my own i am compassionate about creating peace within, for the peace to shine outwardly. A sense of sovereignty in your own body empowers calm, authentic, confident individuals which the world needs right now. Heal your stress to live your best life.