Belinda Billinghurst

Thrive Naturally

I first discovered kinesiology back in 2013 and wowzers was I blown away at how quickly I could feel big changes. In 2015 I started learning kinesiology for my own self healing journey so I could be empowered to make more changes on my own and had no intention of being a practitioner…. But along the way my soul just knew that I had to share this gift with the world and I wanted to help support people who had been through similar issues that I had overcome myself with kinesiology such as childhood trauma, anxiety, addictions and low self worth issues. 
Being able to communicate with your body, tap into your subconscious mind and know where the blockages are in your body is so empowering and I just wish every person in the planet knew at least basic kinesiology skills. 
Whether it’s for your own personal journey or if you want to become a practitioner I invite you to come and learn this incredible gift with me. 
I teach from my home in small intimate groups with lots of hands on support and attention and we always have a lot of fun along the way!