Caitlin Halliwell

Flourish Wellness Studio

Caitlin is passionate about supporting you to improve your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing so you can create a life of joy, purpose and meaningful connection.  After experiencing burnout, stress and overwhelm Caitlin began seeing a Kinesiologist and went on a journey to learn to love and prioritise herself again.  

Caitlin’s empathetic and understanding nature ensures a safe and accepting space where you can be seen, heard and understood whilst you clear away everything that is no longer working for you and reconnect to yourself and to your life with joy, purpose and passion.

Caitlin’s background as a secondary school teacher, along with her experience parenting and teaching neurodivergent kids has given her a passion for supporting kids and their parents in a neuroaffirming way, helping them to find new ways to create healthy, happy lives for themselves.

Caitlin is also a certified Reiki, Theta Healing and Access Bars practitioner.