Emma Henry

Emma Henry Kinesiology

Emma Henry is a distinguished Psychologist, Behaviour Analyst, and Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiologist at the helm of Emma Henry Kinesiology. Her innovative approach integrates the depth of psychological insights with the transformative power of kinesiology, offering a unique pathway for women to explore and embrace their authentic selves. Emma specializes in coaching psychology blended with kinesiology, guiding purpose-driven, self-led women to navigate through their challenges and transform their pain into a source of strength and authenticity.

One of the standout services Emma offers within her business is the 12 week ‘EmpowerHer’ Program. This service is meticulously designed to support women in shedding the layers of their inauthentic realities, enabling them to connect deeply with their true essence and live life fully. Through EmpowerHer, Emma employs a methodical approach built on four pillars: Deep Dive, Phoenix Rising, New Vista, and the Empowerment Series. Each step is crafted to facilitate healing from childhood and ancestral traumas, unlock intuitive insights, and foster a profound sense of empowerment and self-worth.

Emma’s mission is to empower her clients to become the alchemists of their own lives, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth and fulfillment. With a promise to guide women towards freeing themselves from the constraints of their inauthentic lives, Emma Henry Kinesiology stands as a beacon of transformation, encouraging every woman to embrace the journey towards authenticity and the fullness of life.