Linda Allen

Energetic Kinesiology with Linda Allen

Linda has studied many things over the years, Reiki, Spiritual development, womb/fertility massage, scar tissue therapy (MSTR) and Past Life Regression with Dr Brian Weiss, in the USA.

In 2014 Kinesiology found her, a friend who was studying it at the time, asked Linda if she could practice on her, during that practice session Linda knew on a Soul level that this is what she had been looking for and sign up for 3 years of in-depth study, resulting in an Advance Diploma in Energetic Kinesiology.

Having always been interested in how our emotions, thoughts and perceptions shape and drive us, she jumped at the opportunity to learn the EMK modality with Denise Robinson, becoming a qualified EMK practitioner and then going on to become an EMK Instructor in Western Australia.

Linda loves to share her knowledge and passion for kinesiology offering EMK courses for professional or personal development.