Melanie Faulkner

Balance Inspire Grow Kinesiology

Mel’s caring, nurturing and non-judgemental presence provides a supportive, healing environment. Radiating a love that allows for the client to feel relaxed, comfortable and confident enough to dive into healing and clearing stress.

Mel started her Kinesiology journey over 3 years ago when she had a desire to find something different to main stream talk therapy to heal her depression, past and current wounds and trauma.

Deep diving into studying the modality was the most incredible thing she could have done for herself and her relationships. Now sharing this gift with others has become her passion. She loves to guide and support her clients to know they have the power within to heal themselves on all levels (mental, emotional spiritual and physical) and inspire them to live to their highest potential.

Having mothered three children into adulthood has indeed been challenging, Mel through lived experience understands how difficult parenting of all ages can be especially teens and young adults. Mel is passionate about supporting parents and young people through all the emotions involved in the journey from tweens to Adulthood.

When Mel is not in clinic she loves to be spending time with her family & pets on their farm in the Adelaide hills or at the beach. She loves being in nature, cooking, learning, reading and listening to music.