Morgan Willoughby

By Morgan

I’m Morgan, a Kinesiologist, Psychic, Channeler, and Meditation Teacher based in Melbourne, Australia.

With over a decade of experience on my own healing journey and many years of honing my skills, I’m here to empower you to love and support yourself as you embark on your own healing journey.

I believe in holistic healing, encompassing the mind, body, emotions, and spiritual aspects of your journey. I encourage my clients to tap into all four of these dimensions to achieve true transformation and growth.

My mission is to inspire those who seek health and well-being, to learn to love themselves, fully, with compassion and curiosity.

Together, we’ll tap into your inner wisdom, empower you to shine your brightest light, and embrace a journey of health and inspiration.

Get excited for the powers you unlock when you choose to heal, to explore, empower, and evolve from the discomforts.

I strive to hold an environment that is both nurturing and courageous, allowing you to delve into the depths you may wish to avoid. While our sessions are uplifting and empowering, they also create a safe passage for you to confront and nurture areas that may feel uncomfortable. Together, we navigate through the shadows, embracing both the light and the unexplored, guiding you to a profound sense of growth, health and well-being.