Nikki Heuskes

Ask The Body Kinesiology

Nikki’s passion for people and healing guided her into a full immersion of Kinesiology which birthed a thriving healing practice and a place where others can  learn the skills to become Kinesiologists too. Nikki is a Level 1 Registered Kinesiologist/Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology Practitioner & Instructor and Certified LifeLine Technique Practitioner.

Nikki is warm, caring, and easy to talk to. She holds a confidential and safe space with an open heart to help guide people to their highest potential for their healing, their learning, and their lives.

Nikki fell in love with Kinesiology after experiencing, first-hand, the profound healing of her own physical illness. Thus began the unfolding of studies and self-development that has resulted in an expansive healing/training centre in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia.

In addition to offering Kinesiology sessions, Nikki provides the complete pathway for YOU to become a Kinesiologist.

Nikki confidently brings decades of life experiences, including that of mothering 3 children into adolescence and adulthood and 30+ years in the music/entertainment industry.  She is wildly passionate about sharing Kinesiology as a way to address and clear physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stress and pain to balance people to their highest potential.