Tanya Todorov

s kin co.

With a challenging youth, given the backdrop of alcohol-related difficulties within her family, Tanya pursued emotional support through natural healing therapies and ongoing kinesiology balances.
Driven by her personal encounters, kinesiology has become Tanya’s primary focus, inspiring her to pursue studies and extend this holistic modality to others.
Tanya is the founder and owner of two multi modality Wellness Centres, Liebe Wellness in Moonee Ponds and Melton, where she offers holistic skin therapy and the EMK kinesiology modality.
Tanya warmly welcomes you into a nurturing space where she guides you in releasing energy blockages that might be holding you back. By harmonising the mind, body, and spirit, her approach addresses imbalances across various dimensions, fostering a deeply nurturing sense of holistic balance and wellness.
Beyond her professional journey, Tanya finds support in her loving husband and two beautiful children, embracing the continuous evolution that comes with finding balance in life.
If you resonate with the idea of collaborating with Tanya, she would be honoured to hold space and guide you on your journey.