Online Kinesiology Masterclasses

Series 1 Masterclasses

Two hour Online Masterclasses for Kinesiologists looking to expand on their knowledge and upskill with new Kinesiology protocols on Emotional Connection, 8 Extras, Eye Modes, Element Constitutions, Fixations, Reactivity, Consciousness, Brain Balancing, Healing Remedies, Sabotage Programs, Self-esteem, Love, Oxygen, Money and more to integrate into their Kinesiology practice.

Series 2 Masterclasses

Eight plus hour Online Masterclasses for Kinesiologists wanting to learn the six core EMK courses in a fast-paced and condensed format with comprehensive manuals and easy to follow balancing protocols. Topics include Five Elements, Meridians, Chakras, Transpersonal Chakras and Auras plus all associated and powerful balancing remedies and healing tools.

Series 3 Masterclasses

Two hour Online Masterclasses for advanced Kinesiologists wanting to dive deeper into their Kinesiology sessions with clients and expand on their connection, healing skills and techniques. Specific topics covered will bring a lot of aha moments, deep insight and add a profound layer to a Kinesiology session for those that want to understand what’s lying underneath and offer more.

Online Kinesiology Workshops

Animal Kingdom Kinesiology Workshop

Online Workshop for those that want to  tune into animals, better understand their emotions, tap into the cause of their disharmony and be able to easily and effortlessly restore the energetic balance.