Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ Products

Emotion Charts

Emotions Charts available in two sizes:
A4 and Wall Charts. 

Five Element; Meridian; Chakra; Transpersonal Chakra; Auras.



Reference Charts
& Card Decks

Card Decks and Reference Charts are available as a set or individually.

Colour; Crystal; Essential Oil; Nature’s Healing Chi; Sacred Symbol; Soul Embodiment Affirmation

Sprays & Oils

Clearing Spray
Chakra Balancing Sprays & Oils
Element Balancing Sprays & Oils
Masculine & Feminine Activating Oils
Nervous System Balancing Oil
Wellbeing Balancing Oils

Digital Downloadable Products

Reference Charts and Emotions Charts now available for automatic digital download directly to your inbox.

Kinesiology & Nature
Testing Vials

Five Element Testing Vials Set + a variety of Nature’s Healing Chi Testing Vials: Mud; Rain Water, River Water; Salt Water; Tree Sap

Handcrafted Wooden Shamanic Products

Shamanic Healing Wands, Knives and other  handcrafted products channelled with love and intention by Brett Bannon.

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