30 May

Acupressure Points, Tools, Moxa & 8 Extra Meridians Online Kinesiology Masterclass

Hosted by: Denise Robinson


Join our two-hour online Kinesiology ‘Acupressure Points, Tools, Moxa and 8 Extra Meridians’ Masterclass to explore energy movement, unique meridian insights, and practical healing techniques. Discover potent acupressure methods, tools, and our unique Eight Extra Meridians protocol. Learn about the eight extraordinary meridians, their role in life, and their profound impact on well-being. Explore various acupressure points, tools, and holistic healing practices, including Shamanic Healing Wands, Moxibustion, and Press Pellets. Elevate your healing skills and understanding in this comprehensive Masterclass.

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Denise Robinson


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