23 Mar

Kineasy Intro Course

Hosted by: Emma Henry


Embark on a transformative journey with the Kineasy Intro Course, a foundational step into the world of Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology (EMK). This introductory module is designed for those eager to explore the depths of holistic healing, offering a unique blend of theory, practical skills, and self-discovery. Over a weekend of immersive learning, you’ll uncover the basics of muscle testing—a powerful tool for communicating directly with the body. This technique opens the door to understanding the underlying causes of emotional and physical imbalances, paving the way for effective healing and wellbeing strategies. What You’ll Discover: The fundamentals of muscle testing: Learn to interpret the body’s signals with precision and confidence. An introduction to the body’s energy systems and how they influence health and emotions. Techniques for stress release and balancing the body’s energies. Insights into the principles of EMK and how they can be applied to foster healing and growth


Attendees (1)

Emma Henry


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