13 May

Meridian Rivers of Chi

Hosted by: Lisa Carr


Dates: 13-14 April ONLINE & 18-19 May In Person | Investment: $1600 This fascinating and in depth course runs over two weekends, or 2 lots of 3 school hour days depending on your study choice. There is SO much to learn about the meridian channels including acupressure points and the 8 extra meridians. We bring in some extra fun remedies in this course including moxa, tiger warmers, meridian running and more. The meridians have been researched extensively and are very powerful for pain, stress, dis-ease & any stagnant chi in the energy system. In Kinesiology we work with the energy of the meridians and their associated organs however we don’t diagnose. Through working with the meridians and acupressure in my Kinesiology practice over the last 13 year, I have seen some amazingly powerful shifts for my clients and personally. I know you are going to fall in love with this energy system, just as I have! You will enjoy feeling Chi move through your fingers as you learn many a variety ways to work with acupressure points on the body. Experience profound healing balances on yourself and while working with others, which will change the way you look at the body-system. |  Click ‘Get Tickets’ to find out more on my website.


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Lisa Carr


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