07 Sep

Transpersonal Chakra Healing Kinesiology

Hosted by: Lisa Carr


Dates: 17 August ONLINE & 18 August In Person | Investment: $800 | In this transformational & advanced Kinesiology course, we go next level with the Transpersonal Chakras. Transpersonal Chakras link us to higher powers, beings, blueprints, spirit guidance, our life purpose, akashic records, our soul’s path and so much more. In this inspirational course, we delve into the Earth Star, Causal, Soul Star, Stella Gateway, Universal, and Devine Chakras. Learn to open the doors to your unlimited self in this spiritually evolved course & facilitate life-changing shifts for your clients and self. Illuminate your soul and surrender to the flow of all consciousness beyond matter whilst exploring universal energy and other realms. Connect to pure love and your highest purpose. As we shift into the Aquarian age and 5D consciousness on Earth, there is no better time to align our Transpersonal Chakras to live our most blessed & connected life. | Click ‘Get Tickets’ to find out more on my website.


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Lisa Carr


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Saturday, September 07, 2024
9:00 AM
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Sunday, September 08, 2024
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