Eye Modes

In this two hour Online Kinesiology ‘Eye Modes’ Masterclass, you will learn all about the ten incredible Eye Modes, originally discovered and researched by Gordon Stokes and Daniel Whiteside, which have been adapted and expanded on in this protocol, known as the ‘Windows to the Soul’.

This unique Eye Mode Protocol is fantastic to use on clients to clear blocks, sabotage patterns, outdated and limiting belief systems, suppression of emotions, stuck emotions, stress and so much more. They enable clients to “see” clearly with vision and focus in the present moment.

In this Kinesiology Masterclass, you will learn:

  • How to detect imbalance with muscle testing

  • Symbol Card Meaning

  • Eye Position

  • Consciousness Level

  • What it is connected to

  • Related Chakra

  • Body Connections

  • Eye Body Language

  • Patterns & Behaviours

  • Negative Emotions (to clear)

  • Positive Emotions (to infuse)

  • Unique Balancing Protocol with a variety of techniques, correction exercises and remedies to balance the different eye position imbalances

Kinesiology Masterclass information:

Masterclass duration:
2 hours

Association Accreditation Hours/CPE:
Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) – 2 hours Category “D” (only if LIVE online)

Practicing Kinesiology Practitioner

$250 inc. GST (includes electronic PDF training manual)

Denise Robinson from By The Bay Kinesiology

Enrolment process:
To enrol in this Online Kinesiology Masterclass, click the button below where you will be redirected to By The Bay Kinesiology’s website for details, dates and enrolment information.