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No, they most definitely are not! 

Many are outdated, impractical, and overly masculine, lacking the energy, heart, and soul necessary for emotional safety and healing. These traditional methods, often developed by men, focus too heavily on scientific principles and neglect the holistic energetic approach required to address trauma, pain, fear, and stress.

EMK is a heart-centred, yin focused, remedy-based modality created by a woman and is the fastest growing Kinesiology modality in Australia. It emphasises connection, emotions, metaphysical energy, and healing remedies. EMK is modern and progressive, continuously refined and updated based on the latest clinical research.

Not at all! There are no prerequisites for this beginners foundation course and everyone is welcome to enrol in our Kineasy Intro Course.

You simply need the desire to learn, be present, assist others, raise consciousness, unlock your potential, and embrace your own healing journey throughout the learning process.

The energetic shifts, healing and growth we observe in students during class are profound.

No you don’t. However, we believe everyone is spiritual and has intuition, it is just a matter of being open and allowing yourself to tap into it. Your EMK Instructor will guide you through this process.

Muscle reflex testing is a gentle, non-invasive, must know life skill that you will have plenty of practice time to master and feel your way into during the beginners two day introductory ‘Kineasy Intro Course’.

Your EMK Instructor will work with you to determine the best testing method uniquely for you. You will be surprised how quickly you pick up muscle testing – all learnt before morning tea on the first day of the Kineasy Intro Course!

Our courses are facilitated by EMK Instructors all around Australia, as well as Ireland, New Zealand and America.

You can find an EMK Instructor in your area via the ‘Find an Instructor’ page on the website here.

Enrolments & payment plans

You can search for an Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ (EMK) Course via the ‘Find a Course’ page on the website here.

Once you have found your preferred course date, select the ‘Enrol Online’  button on that course event. This will take you directly to the EMK Instructor’s website who is hosting the event to enrol directly through their website.

We suggest you enrol in an EMK course as soon as enrolments open up as the courses tend to sell out by April/May each year for the entire year ahead. 

We strongly suggest you enrol in the final Online Practitioner Certification Training Program, run by Denise Robinson from By The Bay Kinesiology, as soon as you have enrolled in the four prerequisite courses as this program encompasses ALL students worldwide and sells out extremely quickly. The link can be found here.

All individual course investment prices can be found via the ‘Find a Course’ page on the website here.

The full investment to become a certified Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ Practitioner for 2024 is AUD$8,800 inc. GST

To see the breakdown of the total investment for 2024, visit the Study Pathway page here.

Yes, we do. After you enrol with your EMK Instructor and pay your non-refundable deposit/administration fee for each course you are enrolling in, the remaining balance can be paid off at your own discretion using the invoice number provided.

The balance of each course is due three weeks prior to each individual course training date commencing.

We offer more formal payment plans for our online Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ Practitioner Certification Training Program facilitated by Denise Robinson through By The Bay Kinesiology®.

While we don’t offer additional discounts, we firmly believe in the value our EMK program provides. Our comprehensive 10-month Kinesiology certification offers extensive practical experience and invaluable skills. We’ve structured it to ensure our students receive top-notch hands-on practical training at a competitive price. It’s worth noting that compared to traditional colleges that charge $20,000+, our program offers a shorter duration and a more focused curriculum, making it a cost-effective option for our students.

Yes, you can. We understand there may be schedule clashes for students. Therefore, you can enrol in different courses with different Instructors (provided you have met the course prerequisites).

Please note that non-refundable deposits/administration fees and course payments cannot be transferred between EMK Instructors, so choose your course and Instructor prior to enrolling.

Once a cancellation notice is received in writing, our refund policy is as follows:

More than 14 days cancellation notice: The non-refundable deposit/administration fee ($250-$500) is forfeited with the balance of payment made available for refund.

Less than 14 days cancellation notice or ‘no-show’: No refund and no transfer to the next time this event or any other course, workshop or  program event runs, regardless of your circumstances, including your personal situation, health, finances, life events, travel, natural disasters or anything else as per Consumer Affairs Victoria guidelines for events.

All course enrolments include the accompanying Training Manual.

Your EMK Instructor will also provide a full classroom learning space equipped with:

• Chairs
• Massage tables*
• Student name tags
• Clipboards & pens
• Session sheet templates
• Various resources for energetic testing
• Certificate of Attendance emailed upon completion of course
• Certificate of Proficiency emailed on completion of competency requirements

*Please note: training massage tables have various weight limits ranging from 110-130kgs. Students who may exceed this limit or have physical reasons that may prevent them from lying on the massage tables will be able to do practical testing from a seated position to comply with OH&S regulations and ensure student safety.

We suggest you wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing, as you will be moving around a bit throughout the day and getting on/off massage tables.

Your EMK Instructor will ask you to remove your shoes upon entering any classroom/training room so you may wish to bring a bare of warm socks for colder days.

We suggest you bring the following items along to your in-person Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology courses:

• Water drink bottle
• Reusable coffee cup with lid
• Personal food requirements for morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea 
• Any cutlery/crockery that you require
• Pens and highlighter
• Pillow for massage table and bolster if you need for your back/legs
• Positive attitude 🙂 

Yes, you can repeat any of the 6 x EMK courses you have previously attended in a five year period, with your same Instructor. 

We offer a 50% repeater course discount fee.

Repeater conditions will be implemented: you are required to bring your manual along with you and may be placed in a group of 3 if there are uneven student numbers or asked to assist the Instructor for demonstrations etc. Contact your EMK Instructor to discuss your enrolment.

Flow of Study Pathway

Absolutely. Not everyone that enrols in this introductory course wants to become a qualified Kinesiologist, create a business and see clients.

There is no formal commitment or contract to continue studying or become a Certified Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ Practitioner.

You can come along to the Kineasy Intro Course to learn about Kinesiology and how to muscle reflex test, tap into the subconscious mind, test emotions, use powerful healing remedies and for your own personal development and to assist your family, friends and general wellbeing, plus just for the interest and fun!  Who knows, you might just be inspired and become hooked. ♥

No, you don’t. One of the benefits of being an independent Training Provider is the flexibility.

Once you complete the Kineasy Intro Course, you have three options:

1. Continue studying the EMK pathway and be certified by the end of that calendar year.

2. Enrol in the mid-year Chakra Healing Kinesiology Course and continue studying more paced out and finishing at the end of the following calendar year.

3. Enrol in the EMK courses at your own discretion (as long as you complete your studies within a five year period from when you started).

Yes, you can! There are EMK Instructors all around Australia, as well as Ireland, New Zealand and America.

Find an EMK Instructor in your area via the ‘Find an Instructor’ page on the website.

If you live outside of an Instructor zone, you can apply to study the ‘International and Regional Australia Online Study Program’ with Modality founder, Denise Robinson from By The Bay Kinesiology®.

You can read more about this Program and apply here.

You must complete the full EMK Study Pathway (278 hours).

The EMK Modality consists of two parts:

6 x in-person courses with an EMK Instructor:

– Kineasy Intro Course

– Mastery of the Five Elements

– Meridian Rivers of Chi Kinesiology

– Chakra Healing Kinesiology

– Transpersonal Chakra Kinesiology

– Aura Balancing Kinesiology

Plus,  6 weeks online for the: 

– EMK Practitioner Certification Training Program facilitated exclusively by Denise Robinson from By The Bay Kinesiology®.

Students are required to demonstrate competency in oral, practical and written assessments with a 75% pass mark.

Six case studies, a multiple choice assessment and short answer assessment must be completed for each of the six EMK Courses to obtain proficiency. 

The EMK Modality is an ‘adult style learning’  workshop model. All homework tasks can be completed in your own time and all assessments adopt an ‘open book’ policy.

You can read all about the homework and online assessments required for each Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology course  under the ‘Course Details, Accreditation & Assessment Information’ heading at the bottom of each of the respective course pages.

Absolutely not. The 6 x case study homework assessments for each of the 6 x EMK Courses are not required to be completed before enrolling in the next course or even the final Online Practitioner Certification Training Program.

They will only be required to be finished once you have completed the entire EMK Study Pathway and are ready to become a qualified Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ Practitioner

International & learning online

We have EMK Instructors located in Ireland, UK; Colorado, US and Northland, NZ that you can study in-person with.

If you are outside these countries, you are more than welcome to apply to be part of our Online International/Regional Australia Kinesiology Study Program. You can read more about this Program and apply through the website here.

If you live remotely in Australia and it is more than two hours outside of an EMK Instructor zone, then you can apply to be part of our Online International/Regional Australia Kinesiology Study Program.

You can read more about this Program and apply to learn online through the website here.

All attempts have been made to accommodate all our international students worldwide and their different time zones. Therefore, we have scheduled 3 x morning and 3 x evening sessions (Melbourne, Australia Time Zone) in this online study program. The program is structured in this way so that everyone can attend a minimum of 3 live online courses.

If the scheduled online class times happens to fall between 11pm-6am in your country’s time zone, please note that you are not required to be live and online for those sessions, unless you would prefer to.

For those that are unable to attend live due to time zone difficulties, By The Bay Kinesiology® will authorise access to the Zoom recording for you to watch in your own time post class before the next online session.

If you have further queries regarding the times scheduled for these online sessions, please contact us to discuss this personally as we would love to accommodate as many people as possible around the globe.

If you do not live in Australia then you are exempt from the Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Therefore when enrolling in the Online International/Regional Australia Kinesiology Study Program through the By The Bay Kinesiology® website, the GST will automatically be removed upon cart checkout when you enter your location.

Yes, we are fully accredited and certified with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) as a recognised Premier Training Provider under ‘Specialised Kinesiology’ for the Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ modality. IICT is an independent international professional industry body that provides membership and insurance for all our EMK Practitioners globally.

After certification

Once you receive your final Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ Practitioner Certification you are now eligible to become a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) to obtain insurance to practice as an Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ Practitioner and see clients in a professional capacity. 

As the EMK modality is fully recognised, accredited and certified with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT), our EMK Practitioners can obtain membership and insurance directly through their website for the Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ modality. Use this link to apply for Practitioner Membership and insurance today: EMK Practitioner IICT Membership Application

As per our new EMK Practitioner guidelines of May 2024, EMK Practitioners are no longer required to provide or submit Continuing Professional Education (CPE), which aligns with the new International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) EMK Practitioner Membership requirements.

Instead of Continuing Professional Education (CPE), EMK Practitioners must complete our EMK Practitioner Recertification every two years to maintain their status as an ACTIVE EMK Practitioner. This recertification process entails:

  • Booking a 2-hour online Recertification session with a Certified EMK Assessor, for a flat fee of $300, payable to your instructor, which covers:

      – Delivering a 60-minute EMK Session online to demonstrate competency as an EMK Practitioner.

      – Receiving 60 minutes of mentoring to enhance EMK skills, expand knowledge, and address any EMK session or business queries.

This session should be scheduled within the three months before your recertification date and repeated every two years, aligning with the practitioner’s certification date on their certificate.

The By The Bay Kinesiology® office will be in contact with you via email when you are due for recertification. Once complete, a administration/processing fee of $66 will apply which includes a new electronic certificate being issued.

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